The COVID pandemic presented a tremendous need for services available to help support our youth and families and exposed an equally tremendous gap in availability and delivery. Seeing this urgent need, notMYkid sprang into action and created a place to meet these needs.

The Well, by notMYkid, is a wellness campus for youth, families, and caregivers. Our new therapeutic campus provides our community an intentional space, carefully curated, to help meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of our youth.

The Well is that community and will provide a constant flow of positive experiences for youth and their families.
Firmly rooted in our company’s mission and drawing from our rich history in early intervention, education, and prevention, the Well offers a fully licensed clinical team that provides both individual and group therapies. In addition to our clinical offerings, our new well-being campus will offer a full spectrum of healing modalities including mindfulness and meditation, movement and yoga, somatic experiencing, sound healing, art therapy, hands on sensory experiences, and social/emotional learning, parental education, and peer support.

The Well is staffed by trauma- informed, certified providers who are passionate about meeting the needs of our youth during these unprecedented times of challenge and can help guide them to be their healthiest and happiest, whole self.

Programs now offered at The Well
A full spectrum of healing modalities will continue to expand in January 2022 to include sound baths for youth and adults, experiential learning, parent workshops, leadership programs & retreats, and support groups.
Wellness Programs

Programming designed to help you incorporate the tenants of Mindfulness into your family’s daily life.

Outpatient Counseling for Teens & Young Adults

As the needs of Arizona’s youth, families, schools, and communities evolve, notMYkid had the opportunity to expand our scope of services to include licensed behavioral health to enhance recovery and wellness opportunities for the youth and families we serve. We now offer licensed behavioral.

Project Rewind- An early intervention solution for families
Project Rewind is a peer-to-peer prevention and early intervention program for teens experiencing mild to moderate problems associated with alcohol and drug use. We believe in strengthening family connection, communication and setting appropriate boundaries to protect and support our youth in making positive life choices.
[i]NSPIRED Peer Program for Teens & Young Adults
Peer-based service that aims to support teens and young adults navigating daily pressures, substance use disorder, and mental health challenges. The program creates peer to peer engagement with the goal of providing drug and nicotine prevention resources, inspire confidence, create resilience, and improve overall safety and well-being.
amplif[i] Peer to Peer Workshops & LifeSkills Training
notMYkid offers two signature programs for youth in grades 5-12. Choose from our popular amplif[I] programming or our 10-week LifeSkills Training offered at The Well. Our inspiring and engaging summer workshops equip students with healthy coping skills and identify connections to positive peer and adult relationships.
The Parent Hub at The Well
notMYkid empowers caregivers, school faculty, faith communities, and anyone that interacts with youth with up-to-date informational workshops.

Registration is required as space is limited.

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If you are interested in speaking with our Family Support Specialist to learn more about programs available for your family, reach out to

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