amplif(i) & LifeSkills Training


notMYkid offers two signature programs for youth in grades 5-12. Choose from our popular amplif(i) programming or our 10-week LifeSkills Training offered in schools and community settings.

EXTENDED PROGRAMMING: Botvin LifeSkills Training is an evidence-based curriculum that has been proven to be effective at reducing things such as youth substance use and violence, while teaching teen’s crucial knowledge and abilities to help them successfully navigate life. Our Prevention Team can be found in 15 high schools across the Valley of the Sun and we also have trained facilitators that can serve middle schools.

HIGH IMPACT ASSEMBLIES AND CLASSROOM WORKSHOPS: amplif(i) youth presentations aim to educate, empower and inspire youth with the knowledge and courage to make positive life choices. Our program follows the IMBR peer-to-peer model: Information, Motivation, Behavior Skills, and Resources. Our trained presenters share appropriate and relatable stories connected to the discussion topic and facilitate moments of audience interaction.

Every presentation will teach on a wide variety of coping skills and healthy activities for youth. notMYkid also supplies take-away 24/7 anonymous resource cards for every audience member to keep after the presentation.

SUBSTANCE USE presentations will teach the definition of drug use and addiction, common myths and misconceptions around drugs and alcohol, and negative effects/consequences that occur when a person is using drugs or alcohol.

VAPING- teach common myths and misconceptions around vaping and nicotine use, and negative effects/consequences that occur with vaping, targeted marketing to teens and nicotine addiction.

INTERNET SAFETY- teach the advantages/disadvantages to popular social media platforms, online predators including the story of Alicia Kozakiewicz, how to respond to online harassment, laws around sexting, privacy and GPS settings, unhealthy online behaviors, technology addiction and digital footprints.

RELATIONSHIPS- teach the definition of a relationship (unhealthy and healthy), common myths and misconceptions around appropriate relationship behavior, warning signs of different types of abuse, communication and conflict resolution skills.

BULLYING- teach the definition of bullying, common myths and misconceptions around bullying behavior, negative effects/consequences that occur when a person is being bullied and peer-leadership skills.

BODY IMAGE- teach the definition of body image (positive and negative), common myths and misconceptions around body image, how media influences body image, negative effects that occur when a person has a poor body image and how to maintain a healthy body image.

DEPRESSION– teach the definition of depression, common myths and misconceptions around depression/self-harm/suicide, signs and symptoms that occur when a person is experiencing depression, and how to identify and respond when someone is experiencing depression.

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