Parent Technology Agreement


  • I understand the important role that technology plays in the life of my child.  Therefore, I am responsible for becoming familiar with the forms of technology my child uses and will ensure my child uses it in a safe and responsible manner.
  • I will get to know the devices, apps, social networking platforms, and sites my child uses.
  • I will set and explain reasonable rules and expectations for technology use, including how much time each day my child can use their devices.
  • I understand that balance is important, and therefore will make sure my child also engages in activities that don’t involved their devices or technology.
  • I will listen carefully and maintain my composure if my child comes to me to tell me about something disturbing that was sent to them or that they found on an app or website.
  • If my child uses their device in a way I do not approve of, I will calmly reexplain the rules for technology use, the plan moving forward, and the consequences for the inappropriate behavior.  I understand that simply taking away the device alone will not correct the problem.
  • I will spend time each month getting familiar with my child’s friends and followers on social media.  This may include asking my child about individuals on their friends/followers list and how they know them.
  • I will ensure that technology is used in a common family area of the house and is not taken into my child’s bedroom.
  • I will talk with my child about what is permissible on social media and apps, what is allowed on their personal profiles, what is and is not appropriate to say or post, who they can talk to, and what my expectations are.
  • I will learn what best options exist in terms of parental control, monitoring, and filtering, and will make a decision that best meets my family’s needs.
  • I will let my child know in advance what the consequences are for inappropriate behaviors online.  I will make the consequences clear, concise, age appropriate, and consistent.
  • If my child continues to break rules concerning technology after we have discussed and agreed upon them, I will take away their devices until their behavior changes or until a time I deem necessary. I recognize that a child having smart devices such as phones and tablets is a privilege and not a right.  I will emphasize this to them when allowing them to have the device.



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