Drug Paraphernalia and Concealment

Being able to recognize drug paraphernalia, concealment devices, or hiding places is as important as being able to recognize the drugs themselves or the symptoms of drug use in your child.  While some pieces of paraphernalia such as syringes or pipes may catch your eye, other ones can be more difficult to spot, even hidden in plain sight.  The same goes for concealment devices.  It’s also important to remember that paraphernalia and concealment devices can be both professionally made or homemade/improvised.  The professional items can easily be purchased online or from smoke shops.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  We encourage you to get more familiar with the ways and places kids are hiding drugs and paraphernalia because it can be difficult to intervene in a problem if we can’t locate the source of the problem.


Wax pen used for vaping THC


Dab cartridges (THC)


“Wax” (THC)


Glass marijuana pipe


“One Hitter” marijuana pipe


Concealment water bottle


Concealment soda can


Fake lipstick pipe


Fake marker pipe


Watch vape


Improvised aluminum can pipe


Improvised aluminum foil pipe


Aluminum foil used to smoke tar heroin


Cut straws used for snorting powder or smoking tar heroin off of aluminum foil


Small resealable baggie – can be used for powders, pills, marijuana, etc.


Fake battery concealment device


Nitrous oxide cartridges AKA “Whip-Its”


Nitrous oxide cartridge and “cracker” used to fill balloons with nitrous oxide


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