Are you struggling with finding the best way to coach your students? Or do you feel like you need to reconnect with your children? Here is your answer: peer coaching!

Studies have shown that companies that strive for a strength-based culture and encourage employee development through peer programs double their profits. The same is true for peer platforms for young people and families—positive results and strong improvement in the long run. 

Let’s face it: peer coaching is a win-win situation that improves everyone. So, why not explore the options and find your ideal peer-to-peer coaching model today?

Why Choose Peer Coaching?


Why Choose Peer Coaching

This training model is widely accepted because it is cost-effective and yet beneficial. It is a two-way street of learning and sharing knowledge, giving everyone a chance to learn new skills. Get motivated to step outside your comfort zone and consider alternative and fresh viewpoints. One never knows what may trigger a change. 

Empathic Peer Coaching Models

Peer programs are all about learning and sharing knowledge, developing skills, and inspiring healthy choices. So, let’s explore the different models to help you make an informed decision.

Peer Coaching Program for the Young Population

This supportive platform is designed to inspire confidence and improve the overall well-being of every participant. It’s important to stress that it helps youngsters navigate through daily pressures and mental health challenges. The program appoints a trusted Certified Peer Specialist to guide each member, allowing them access to resources like workshops and support groups. 

Peer Coaching Program for Parents

It’s not easy being a parent in this day and age. As a parent, this program will help you cope with the ups and downs of parenthood through support and close connections with other parents. Through practical strategies and expert guidance, you will be able to strengthen your relationship with your children.

Peer Coaching Program for Families

This workshop is considered an early intervention, focusing on preventing your child from becoming a regular substance user. Guided by a professional coach, you’ll be addressing problems provoked by substance use while your child is still an experimenter. 

If anyone in your family experiences trouble with bullying and aggression, there are also peer coaching projects designed to inspire empathy and teach healthy coping skills, like social support.

Why Choose notMYkid for Peer Coaching?

With over two decades of experience, notMYkid has successfully served over 3 million individuals. Our peer-to-peer coaching programs are focused on life-saving prevention, behavioral health support, and early intervention for youth, families, and communities (AmeriCorps). 

Through our trauma-informed programming, we educate youth and adults and build knowledge for long-lasting results. We are a dynamic team that wants to help you gain knowledge and be inspired. 

Take action, and let us help you grow. Contact us today!

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