Steve grew up in Kentucky and attended Eastern Kentucky University. After graduating and marrying Debbie, he began a business career with stints at Avon Products, NCR Corporation, and American Express. In 1988 Steve moved his family from Ohio to Phoenix to start a company with his college roommate. The company, ProMark One grew quickly to over 2500 employees and was sold in 1996 to a venture firm in CA. After selling, Steve began his philanthropic efforts as a founder of Social Venture Partners, a member of the United Way board, and became active in Young Life. In 2000 after watching family members struggle with substance abuse, Steve and his wife Debbie founded notMYkid. In 2004 in an effort to further notMYkid’s drug prevention program Steve purchased First Check, a retail drug testing company. First Check then gave away thousands of drug test kits promoting notMYkid’s drug prevention program. In 2006 Steve was appointed to the White House Drug free commission under President Bush.

Debbie is committed to instilling a proactive approach to teen and parenting issues by raising awareness through educational programs. She is a much sought after speaker who has traveled internationally, speaking to thousands of teens and parents about her personal experience with substance abuse in her own family, as well as others she has reached through notMykid. A graduate from Northern Kentucky University, Debbie holds a dual certificate in Education and Special Education. After graduation, she taught elementary school for 10 years and cites her experience and work with notMYkid as her “best classroom”. Debbie resides in Arizona with her husband Steve of 36 years. Although having raised her family, it is with the great support of her husband, two grown sons, and her daughter-in-law who motivate her to accomplish more on behalf of today’s youth.

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