Child Technology Agreement


  • I will give my parents all of my current user names and passwords for all devices, apps, social media, and websites, but will not share them with anyone else.  If I change a user name or password, I will inform my parents immediately and make sure they always have up-to-date information.
  • I will not share personal information about myself or my family with anyone on apps, social media platforms, websites, or any other technology.  This includes but is not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers, ages, name of school, name or location of work, etc.  Also, I will not include any of this information in my social media profiles.
  • I will have open conversations with my parents about people I meet via apps, social media profiles, websites, or other technology.
  • I will not accept friend requests, follows, subscriptions, text messages, direct messages, chat requests, video messages, Snaps, emails, or phone calls from people I do not know.  If I receive any form of communication that makes me uncomfortable or concerned, I will immediately inform my parents.
  • I will not message, call, chat with, write to, or meet in person with anyone I’ve met online without direct permission from my parents, and then only if they accompany me.  Nor will I do what people on apps or social media ask me to do without expressed permission from my parents.
  • I will not send or post threatening, hateful, inappropriate, or explicit messages, videos, or pictures, even if I believe they will not be seen by others.
  • I understand that I am allowed to use my devices for _______ hours a day, and that all technology must be turned off or turned in to my parents by ________ (time) and can not be turned back on or used again until __________ (time).  I acknowledge that this is not up for debate or negotiation.
  • I will help my parents understand the devices and apps I use, and will honestly answer the questions they have about my activity on the devices, apps, social media platforms, or websites I use.
  • I understand that my device is privilege and not a right, and acknowledge that my parents have the right to monitor my device use and online activity.
  • I understand that if I break any of the rules that my parents have outlined for me, they can take away any of my technology at any time, as well as enforcing other correction and consequences until my behavior changes or they decide it is time to restore my device use.



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