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  • November 26, 2013
    What are You Thankful for?

    This is the time of year when many people make a point to give thanks and show gratitude for the positive things in their lives.  However, it’s important to look for the good in life every single day.  Appreciation for what we have helps us take a more healthy approach to life, and allows us […]

  • October 2, 2013
    Voices amplif(i)ed

    You are speaking up.   You are being heard.   Here at amplif(i), we have been getting a lot of messages from students all over Arizona.  Every time we visit a school we do more than just speak.  We listen.  We hear what you have to say.   Sometimes we hear it right after a presentation, […]

  • July 31, 2013
    Online Words Echo in the Offline World

    Have you ever said something you didn’t mean?  Have you ever said something without thinking it through first?  Have you ever said something you regret?   Earlier this year, Justin Carter, a 19-year-old from Texas, got into an argument on Facebook over the online game “League of Legends.”  He responded to a comment someone made […]

  • June 4, 2013
    One Voice

    One voice.   One voice is all it would have taken to make a huge difference in my world. It wouldn’t have mattered who it came from, what they looked like, or how popular they were. It could have come from anyone.   I was a nervous, lonely, awkward junior high student who wanted to […]

  • May 28, 2013
    amplif(i) Your Voice and Change Your Tune

    For years, too many of us told ourselves things like “I am ugly, I am fat, I am stupid, I am depressed, I am hated, I am not good enough, I am a loser.”  Sometimes our thoughts even crossed beyond those words and we thought, “I am worthless, I am a failure, I hate myself, […]

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We're here to help you face and overcome potentially life-derailing challenges. Discover the many ways in which you can amplif(i) your voice in the name of making good decisions. We're here as an informative, inspirational resource as we share our personal stories. Join the movement by sharing your story and speaking up for yourself and the people you love who may be going through a hard time.

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