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The challenges kids and families face today are complex and have the potential to devastate lives and derail futures. It is extremely important to work together to protect the kids in our community. The average age a kid will first try drugs is 13. Studies indicate that people who reach 21 without engaging in destructive behaviors are likely to never do so, which is why we passionately educate about current trends, warning signs, and the long-term impact of destructive behaviors. We believe proactive prevention on the part of kids, families, and communities is the answer to long-term success.

Our Vision

Every kid will have the knowledge and confidence to reach their full potential through making positive life choices.

Our Mission

Empower and educate youth, families, and communities with the knowledge and courage to identify and prevent negative youth behavior.

Our Values

Social Thinking: A sincere desire to consider how others perceive situations.


Resilience: Acknowledging the inevitability of change, accepting the “new” and adapting.


Hope/Faith: A capacity to believe in a purpose or meaning greater than oneself.


Self-Control: A capacity to behave in a positive self-directed manner.


Integrity: Recognizing and demonstrating the value of ethical behavior.

Inspiring Youth To Make
Positive Life Choices

notMYkid was started in 1999 by Debbie and Steve Moak. The non-profit organization was born out of the real life experience of a family dealing with substance abuse. Through the difficult and dark days of addiction, intervention, and recovery, they found that sharing their story was both therapeutic for them and helpful to others in need. The first years of the organization consisted of one family telling their story through home outreach and support.


In April of 2000, notMYkid became an LLC and in November of that same year became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. By 2004, the organization had hired a program director and was being managed by the founding family and the director. The organization struggled with sustainability, but persisted in the belief that there were families who could be helped by their work. notMYkid instituted a volunteer structure, which provided oversight from a governing Board of Directors and a fundraising capacity. In addition, the organization made a strategic decision to build a website intended to provide information and resources to the community. As notMYkid grew, it began to utilize additional speakers to tell their personal stories about overcoming addiction, abuse, and other destructive youth behaviors. Peer Educators created an emotional connection with the community and helped people recognize the need to address these challenges head on.


notMYkid began to partner with school districts to share the message of positive choices and good decision making with middle and high school students. Initially, the organization’s sole focus was substance abuse, but additional issues were identified by schools and other audiences. The organization has since evolved its messaging to include the following youth behaviors: substance abuse, bullying, unhealthy relationships, eating disorders, depression/self-injury, and internet safety. notMYkid recognizes and highlights the interconnectivity of these issues and utilizes messaging to help teens, parents, and educators understand the consequences of these behaviors.


Today, notMYkid continues to flourish. The heart of our organization remains solidly committed to promoting positive life choices by educating youth, families, and communities about the consequences of destructive youth behaviors. As notMYkid continues to move into the future, it is focused on ensuring that all youth, families, and communities have the skills and information necessary to make positive life choices. notMYkid’s passion is for families and communities to be healthy and strong, and to avoid destructive youth behaviors that have the potential to devastate lives and derail futures.

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At notMYkid we prepare kids to face everyday challenges with courage and confidence, through our unique education models of peer-to-peer education we address the life-changing issues of: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, bullying, unhealthy relationships, eating disorders, depression/self injury, and internet safety. With prevention at the forefront of all programming - rather than intervention - our mission is to reach young people who fight internal battles about what is "right" and "wrong" and to provide them with the knowledge and resources that empower them to make positive choices in difficult situations.


Our amplif(i) Youth Education presentations focus on drug abuse, alcohol abuse, bullying, unhealthy relationships, eating disorders, depression/self injury, and internet safety. Based on the understanding that young people are more likely to listen to their peers, presenters are young adults who range in age from 18-30 and who have completed (at minimum) a 20-hour training program. Group sizes range from small (a single classroom) to large (an auditorium with 400+ kids). Youth presenters are prepared to share their story as it relates to a particular challenge, the consequences they faced, and how they found help in overcoming it. While time is always allotted for a Q & A, the youth presenters often find themselves staying long after the presentation is over to talk one-on-one with those who have questions, personal concerns, or are in need of help.

Goal: Empower and educate youth to amplify their voices to overcome life’s challenges through peer-to-peer education.

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(Presentations are available in custom packages to fit your needs)

Email us to schedule a presentation:

Visit amplifimyvoice.org


Parent and Faculty presentations focus specifically on drug abuse, alcohol abuse, bullying, and internet safety. Parent groups in school settings and myriad other venues, including the workplace (Corporate Lunchbox Employee Education Program), are eager to participate in programs that help them to understand the daily challenges faced by their children. Moreover, they are informed about the signs of potential problems before they occur. Our adult presenters must have completed training at notMYkid, where we consistently work with local law enforcement agencies (police and FBI) to update and improve the presentations based on current trends. Sessions with parent and faculty groups last one hour with ample time for questions. Attendees at every parent substance abuse program leave with a complimentary home drug testing kit provided by First Check and a personalized family prevention plan.

Goal: Empower and educate families, and communities with the knowledge and courage to identify and prevent negative youth behavior.

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(Presentations are available in custom packages to fit your needs)

Email us to schedule a presentation:


By hosting The Corporate Lunchbox, you can provide valuable information and tools for your employees regarding substance abuse, bullying, and Internet safety for their children. Helping your employees with parenting skills will encourage more positive life choices and allow for more productivity at work. This timely and important education has been a successful addition to many organizations' health and wellness programs. Paradise Bakery is our Corporate Lunchbox partner.

amplif(i) SPEAKERS

amplif(i) speakers are a very important part of our student education program. Speakers carry the message of awareness and prevention into schools and speak to students and youth. amplif(i) speakers are held to high standards regarding the content and quality of their presentations. They are expected to represent notMYkid appropriately and effectively present their stories.

  • Complete speaker training program.
  • Accurately describe the mission and goals of amplif(i).
  • Speak openly and personally about the causes, experiences and recovery from addiction/behavior.
  • Emphasize how consequences and responsibility relate to individual choices.
  • Must have one year of sobriety/healthy living.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
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At this time there are no openings with notMYkid, however if you have a passion for preventing destructive youth behaviors email your resume to info@notMYkid.org (attn: Jeannie) and we will keep it on file. You never know what might open up in the future.


With a shared commitment, we are making a difference one child at a time. We invite you to explore the many ways you can volunteer at notMYkid and share our goal to give each child the opportunity to reach their full potential. If you are interested in becoming a community ambassador, event volunteer, speaker meeting mentor, or if you’d like volunteer your specific talents (graphic design, audio/video, printing, public relations, blog writing, etc.) to our team, please fill out our volunteer application and email it to volunteer@notmykid.org.

amplif(i) HIGH SCHOOL

Are you, or is your kid, an outstanding high school student who would like to meet a great group of friends while developing leadership skills? If so, check out our Teen Advisory Board.

  • SarahStaff

    Sarah Tisdon

    Youth Programs Manager

    In 2010, Sarah began working for notMYkid as a Depression speaker. In 2012, she was promoted to Manager of Student Programs and still continues to share her story on multiple topics. She is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training all of notMYkid’s young adult speakers, as well as retaining the speakers already sharing their stories for the organization. Additionally, Sarah manages notMYkid’s scholarship program, which provides college scholarships to speakers who are bettering themselves by continuing their education.

    During rare moments of free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, a good nap, and keeping it real.

  • JansenStaff

    Jansen Neff

    Event and Media Manager

    In October 2011, Jansen joined the notMYkid team as an intern. Soon after, she became a part time administrative coordinator for the organization and was hired on full time in July 2012.  After two years writing grant proposals, she made the switch to events. Her favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to hear our speakers share their stories.


    Jansen was born and raised in Arizona. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University in December 2011, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.

  • JeannieStaff

    Jeannie Burts

    Accounting Manager

    In addition to managing the accounting functions for notMYkid, Jeannie oversees human resources, payroll, and purchasing. She also serves as a liaison to the Board of Directors. In that role she prepares agendas and takes minutes at Board meetings.
    Jeannie is originally from San Jose, California, where she worked in accounting for a leading company in the Silicon Valley. She also held a key position in a prominent private school system for many years in the San Jose area. Upon retiring from the Arizona public school system, Jeannie brought to NMK a wealth of experience from her service as executive assistant to the CEO/Superintendent of two fast growing school districts in the greater Phoenix area. Jeannie enjoys keeping active with her family and spending time with her grandchildren.

  • andreaA

    Andrea Malinski

    School Partnerships Liaison

    Andrea joined the notMYkid team in 2011 as a Depression/Self-Injury peer-educator. She currently serves as the Manager of School Programs and is responsible for getting the amplif(i) speaker program into schools, and managing existing school accounts. Andrea’s favorite part of her job is seeing the difference our speakers make in students’ lives and how many students reach out for help after an amplif(i) presentation.


    Andrea is an Arizona native and actually heard her first notMYkid presentation as a student at Xavier College Preparatory. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Azusa Pacific University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Studies from Arizona State University.

  • Ainslee

    Ainslee Hanger

    Grants & Development Coordinator

    Ainslee joined the notMYkid team in January of 2014 and currently serves as the Grants and Development Coordinator. She spends most of her days writing grants for notMYkid and also collects in-kind donations for the organization. Her favorite part about working at notMYkid is hearing the peer educators share their inspiring stories with young people across the state.


    Ainslee is an Arizona native who graduated from the University of Arizona in December of 2013 (Go Cats!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She also recently completed a Grant Development and Proposal Writing Certificate through ASU’s Lodestar Center. In her free time she enjoys baking, travelling, shopping, blogging, and spending time with her husband.

  • ShaneStaff

    Shane Watson

    Manager of Parent and Faculty Education

    Shane originally joined notMYkid in January 2013 as a peer educator on the topic of substance abuse.  Shortly afterward, he joined our full-time staff in the role of Communications Coordinator, overseeing the management, maintenance, and content creation for our website, email campaigns, and social media platforms.  


    Currently, Shane serves as our Manager of Parent and Faculty Education. In this role, he oversees all of our parent and school faculty education, which includes topic research, creation of presentations, and management of our Parent and Faculty Educators. Shane facilitates parent and school faculty presentations on substance abuse, bullying, Internet safety, and depression. He also handles media relations for the organization, which includes interviews for television, radio, print, and web.


    Shane graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. in Communications.  Prior to joining notMYkid, Shane worked in marketing, eBusiness, publishing, and broadcasting.  He has a passion for public speaking and helping others, and is excited about combining those areas of interest in his work with notMYkid.  In his spare time, Shane enjoys spending time with his family, working out, hiking, traveling, and creating interactive online art projects.

  • ahrizaMartinez

    Ahriza Martinez

    Scheduling Coordinator

    Ahriza joined notMYkid in June 2014 as the Scheduling Coordinator. As Scheduling Coordinator, her time is dedicated to scheduling student, parent, and faculty presentations. She also keeps track of data to provide current progress and future projections, and helps out with numerous tasks around the notMYkid office. Her favorite part about working at notMYkid is having the opportunity to watch speakers present and finding herself being inspired at the end of each presentation.


    In her free time she loves to cook, bake, and explore new foods. She also enjoys visiting her family and friends in California and playing with her dogs.

  • aimeeRunyon

    Aimee Runyon


    Aimee Runyon joined the notMYkid staff as CEO in December 2014. She previously served as the Executive Director of Assistance League of Phoenix, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been improving the lives of children throughout Phoenix for over 50 years. Aimee was selected to be the 1st Executive Director for Assistance League of Phoenix as well as the first out of 122 chapters nationwide.


    Prior to the Assistance League of Phoenix, Aimee served as the 1st Executive Director for Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, located in Chandler, Arizona. Aimee currently sits on the boards of ONE and Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank and is on the steering committee of AZ Gives Day. Previously, Aimee served as the President of the Chandler Non Profit Coalition. With a passion for giving back to the community, Aimee donates her time and resources to several grass root nonprofit organizations in the Valley.


    Prior to working with Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, Aimee was a Vice President at The Community College Foundation in Los Angeles, California. With over 18 years of experience in nonprofit management, the scope of her work has included programs that benefit foster youth, physically challenged youth, technology for underserved populations, and nationwide tutoring programs. Aimee was also responsible for bringing together Freddie Mac, Pearson Education, and Fifth Third Bank to fund projects that provided resources in Mississippi & Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Aimee has a passion for bringing innovative solutions to at-risk and underserved populations.


    Aimee received a BA degree in Communications from Arizona State University and a Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Public Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management.


    Aimee was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and is the proud mother of her six year old son Amare.

  • KristenPolin

    Kristen Polin

    Program Director

    Kristen Polin recently joined the leadership team as the new Program Director for notMYkid. Kristen oversees the development and implementation of new and existing community and school-based programs throughout Arizona and our expansion to new communities across the country.


    Kristen has over 20 years of experience working in prevention and wellness and recently wrapped up a successful tenure with Community Bridges Inc. (CBI) for the past 17 years. As CBI’s Vice President of Community Relations & Development, she was responsible for all agency public affairs, community development projects and prevention efforts throughout the State of Arizona. Kristen remains active with numerous substance abuse collaborations; specializes in high level training for emergency responders; and provides seminars for law enforcement, school districts, parents and the business community regarding best practice prevention and treatment service delivery. Her passion and roots are grounded in prevention and building high impact programs that empower youth and families. “The important work of prevention is without a doubt, my true calling in life. I am honored to have this exciting opportunity to serve our communities with the entire notMYkid team.”


    Kristen holds a Master of Arts in Education Degree in Program Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Studies from Ithaca College in New York. Kristen and her husband Jon are proud parents of two boys, Jonathan and Joshua.

  • nancyMailhot

    Nancy Mailhot

    Board Member

    Nancy was hired as the PF Chang’s China Bistro’s first Chief People Officer in February 2008. Prior to joining P.F. Chang’s, she was employed by the Phelps Dodge Corporation/ Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (NYSE:FCX and PD) from 2001 to 2007 where she served as Vice President of Global Supply Chain. Later, she became Senior Vice President of Human Resources. While at Phelps Dodge, Nancy served as a board member and compensation committee chair for a joint venture company Quadrem. Nancy also served in Global Supply Chain leadership positions at Raytheon Company, Alcoa, and Owens Corning (NYSE:OC). Nancy currently serves as a board member, and is on the Nominating and Governance Committee for notMYkid.

  • SteveBoard

    Steve Brown

    Board Secretary

    Steve is Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Crescent Crown Distributing. Crescent Crown is a beer distributor servicing the Phoenix area. His 28-year career in the beer distribution industry has placed him in many multi-functional work environments. Steve’s position has given him the opportunity work with leaders throughout the country while shaping the industry’s future as he serves as member to different councils. He is currently serving on the MillerCoors Managed Chain National Council and the MillerCoors National Wal-Mart Advocacy Council.

    A strong advocate of community involvement, he currently serves on notMYkid’s Board of Directors and has worked with UCP, City of Hope, and Habitat for Humanity. In his free time, Steve likes to golf, go boating and travel. He has two daughters – Jillian, a senior in HS and Mackenzie, currently living in San Diego. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with honors from the University of Phoenix, Arizona.

  • RobertBoard

    Robert Morocco

    Board Treasurer

    Rob currently serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and as a Board Member for OrthoScan Inc., an orthopedic imaging company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rob has nearly 15 years of executive experience in emerging medical device companies, primarily in orthopedics. Prior to joining OrthoScan, Rob was Chief Financial Officer for IsoTis OrthoBiologics.

    Before joining IsoTis, Rob was the Chief Financial Officer for Opus Medical Inc., a privately held sports medicine company where he was integral in the successful acquisition by ArthroCare Corporation and Orthopaedic Biosystems Inc., which was acquired by Smith & Nephew. Rob began his career at Deloitte and Touche, LLP and received his BBA from Kent State University. He currently is a Certified Public Accountant. Through his involvement in the community with his two adolescent sons, he is both passionate and knowledgeable about the key problems notMYkid addresses in the community.

  • GregBoard

    Greg Tipsord

    Board Member

    Greg has 20+ years of experience in the consumer packaged goods space. He started his career at Procter & Gamble and then moved to Dial/Henkel. At Dial/Henkel, he led all of their businesses in the Senior Vice President/General Manager capacity. His last position was Senior Vice President/General Manager of the Laundry and Home Care business, Henkel’s largest business at $1 billion in sales. Greg currently is the founder and key principle of the Business Consumer Consulting Group, a consulting business that focuses on strategic planning, business transformation, branding, marketing, and general management with consumer-facing businesses. Greg is married with two young children.

  • AlanBoard

    Alan “Duke” Schwartz

    Board Member

    Alan “Duke” Schwartz, CIC is the Managing Principal of Schwartz Insurance Agency in Scottsdale, AZ. Duke is one of the country’s leading Property and Casualty insurance brokers. In addition, Duke is the Governance/Nomination Committee chair for the notMYkid Board of Directors. He has a passion for helping youth find their potential and avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives in their formative years.
    Duke is also a founding partner of Greek Ladders, a startup company that assists college students to learn pragmatic life and career lessons increasing the opportunity to find a career after graduation. As a University of Arizona graduate, he was an initial member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and served as President of the Chapter. He was inducted in to the Chapter’s Hall of Fame and currently serves on the Advisory Board. Duke and Robin were married in 1991 and have two boys, Austin (’93) and Brandon (’95).

  • SteveFounders

    Steve and Debbie Moak


    Steve grew up in Kentucky and attended Eastern Kentucky University. After graduating and marrying Debbie, he began a business career with stints at Avon Products, NCR Corporation, and American Express. In 1988 Steve moved his family from Ohio to Phoenix to start a company with his college roommate. The company, ProMark One grew quickly to over 2500 employees and was sold in 1996 to a venture firm in CA. After selling, Steve began his philanthropic efforts as a founder of Social Venture Partners, a member of the United Way board, and became active in Young Life. In 2000 after watching family members struggle with substance abuse, Steve and his wife Debbie founded notMYkid. In 2004 in an effort to further notMYkid’s drug prevention program Steve purchased First Check, a retail drug testing company. First Check then gave away thousands of drug test kits promoting notMYkid’s drug prevention program. In 2006 Steve was appointed to the White House Drug free commission under President Bush.
    Debbie is committed to instilling a proactive approach to teen and parenting issues by raising awareness through educational programs. She is a much sought after speaker who has traveled internationally, speaking to thousands of teens and parents about her personal experience with substance abuse in her own family, as well as others she has reached through notMykid. A graduate from Northern Kentucky University, Debbie holds a dual certificate in Education and Special Education. After graduation, she taught elementary school for 10 years and cites her experience and work with notMYkid as her “best classroom”. Debbie resides in Arizona with her husband Steve of 36 years. Although having raised her family, it is with the great support of her husband, two grown sons, and her daughter-in-law who motivate her to accomplish more on behalf of today’s youth.

  • MarkFounders

    Mark Rohde, P.h.D.

    Founder and Board Member

    Dr. Rohde graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State, did graduate work at ASU, University of Oxford (England), and the University of Northern Colorado, and was a Mott Foundation Fellow. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Union Graduate School/Union Institute and additionally completed three years of training with the Post-Graduate Institute for Family Therapy. He most often works with children, adolescents, and families and frequently employs a combination of individual, family, and group psychotherapy.
    Mark holds Diplomat status with the American Board of Assessment Psychology and has specialty certification in addictions treatment from the American College of Professional Psychology. He is a former teacher who has held administrative positions at a private school, an addictions treatment center, a community mental health center, and a residential treatment program. Mark has been recognized for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology by the Arizona Psychological Association where he has served on the Governing Council.

  • sethLeibsohn

    Seth Leibsohn

    Board Chair

    Seth Leibsohn is the President of the Leibsohn Group.  Mr. Leibsohn is a radio host, writer, editor, policy, political, and communications expert. The former Vice President of Empower America, one of the nation’s premier think tanks, Mr. Leibsohn has counseled, written speeches for, and collaborated with candidates for national office and several former Cabinet officials. He has also collaborated in the writing of prominent op-eds, speeches, and several national best-selling books. For the past several years he has served as the Chief of Staff to former Education Secretary William J. Bennett with whom he co-authored the book, The Fight of our Lives. Mr. Leibsohn has been the producer, co-host, and guest host for the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, helping bring it from its debut on 60 stations to over 250 stations nationwide and making it the 7th largest national radio show in the country with over 3.75 million listeners.


    He is also the host of The Seth Leibsohn Show, which airs weeknights on 960 AM radio (KKNT), and a Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute, the nation’s leading think tank dedicated to the study of statesmanship and political philosophy.  A political and crisis management expert, Mr. Leibsohn holds a bachelor’s and graduate degree in political science from the Claremont Colleges and a law degree from Northeastern University. He is the Chairman of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy.

  • markGoldberg

    Mark Goldberg

    Board Member

    Born in New York City and raised in Oradell, New Jersey, Mark moved to Arizona in 1991 to attend Arizona State University. After graduating from ASU, Mark returned to the East Coast, where he worked in production for Fox News Channel in New York City. Mark decided to return to Arizona a few years later and has lived and worked in North Scottsdale ever since. Mark is currently an active Realtor who primarily focuses on flipping properties.  He also manages the day to day operations of the Goldberg Family Foundation, a private foundation that makes grants to several Phoenix based charities.  Mark has a passion for helping today’s youth and feels honored to be a part of Not My Kid’s mission. Mark is married to his wife, Nicole, and has two young boys, Brody and Blake.  In his free time you can find Mark on the golf course, at a poker table, or spending time with his family.

  • Robin1 copy

    Robin Roeder

    Board Member

    Robin is the Vice President of Supply Chain at Henkel Consumer Goods, formally The Dial Corporation.  Her 30-year career in the consumer products industry in various roles has enabled her to develop broad expertise in the areas of supply chain, strategic planning, process transformation, IT, organizational design and development, and project management.  Robin’s brings a strong solution orientation to her work and believes that the best work is done through collaboration and building strong teams.  She is currently serving on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors at Congregation Beth Israel in Scottsdale, and has been the Chair of the Camp Daisy and Harry Stein Camp Committee for the past three years.  She is a member of the Executive Board of the ASU Network for Value Chain Excellence and has served on the Board of the Leader to Leader Institute for Non-profit Management.  In her free time Robin likes to travel, go to yoga, and spend time with her husband and two daughters.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the State University of New York, Buffalo and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership.  Robin is honored to serve on the board of notMYkid and address the challenging issues faced by today’s youth.

  • kellyConner

    Kelly Conner Rubin

    Board Member

    Kelly has resided in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1990 but is originally from Calgary, Alberta. She attended the University of Alberta, receiving both a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Her Master of Business Administration was received from the University of Phoenix.


    Kelly’s work experience has exclusively been in the banking industry. She worked for Harris Trust Bank of Arizona from 1991 – 2003 and is currently employed with Alliance Bank of Arizona (since 2003), located at the Thomas & Central Branch, as a Senior Vice President. Her primary focus is law firms, medical practices and other professional firms, as well as heading up the non-real estate escrow division for Alliance Bank.


    Kelly has previously volunteered her time as the treasurer for the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center’s preschool for a two year period and most recently as the treasurer for Desert Canyon Elementary School’s PTO for a one year period (2012-2013).


    Kelly is married to Mark J. Rubin, MD and has a busy household of four children ranging in age of 12-15 years old (attending 3 different schools in Scottsdale) and two dogs. She enjoys traveling, attending the kids’ activities, staying fit and reading.


  • ZuhdiJasserMD

    M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.

    Board Member

    M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. has been in the private practice of internal medicine and nuclear cardiology in Phoenix, Arizona since 1999. Dr. Jasser leads a small practice with one other internist and a physician’s assistant. In addition to his practice of primary care, he has particular interests in bioethics, organized medicine, and nuclear cardiology. He has served on the Maricopa County Board of Health (2004-2012) and the Board of Directors of the Area Agency on Aging (2007-2012), President of the Arizona Medical Association (2006-2007), and currently a delegate to the American Medical Association House of Delegates (AMA-HOD) for the Arizona Medical Association.

    Dr. Jasser earned his medical degree on a U.S. Navy scholarship at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1992. He served 11 years as a medical officer in the U.S. Navy receiving an honorable discharge as a Lieutenant Commander. His tours of duty included Medical Department Head aboard the U.S.S. El Paso which deployed to Somalia during Operation Restore Hope; Chief Resident at Bethesda Naval Hospital; and Staff Internist for the Office of the Attending Physician to the U. S. Congress. He is a recipient of the U.S. Navy’s Meritorious Service Medal.

    Dr. Jasser, his wife Gada, and their three children reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Steve Lewis

    Steven Lewis, CFP

    Board Member

    Steve is Managing Director – Investments with Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC in Scottsdale. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Senior PIM Portfolio Manager. With two grown daughters, he now finds more time for community service, including notMYkid.

  • Peggy Baze

    Peggy Baze

    Board Member

    A native of Arizona, Peggy has been active in the commercial real estate and investment industries for nearly 30 years. For the last 23 years she’s held various positions at Circle Road Companies and recently retired as Vice President. At Circle Road she was engaged in a myriad of real estate development projects as well as managing non real estate venture capital funding.

    Peggy recently discovered a talent for art and in 2014 she founded the non-profit, Artful Giving, whose mission is to use art to help create sustainable revenue for charities focused on children and families in the community. Peggy’s original artwork has been replicated in notecard form in a campaign for UMOM, the largest homeless shelter in Arizona. Some of Peggy’s original artwork is also featured in the Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families.

    Peggy is the mother of two grown children and now spends most of her time in her art studio painting and doing her philanthropic work. She and partner David Bruner enjoy traveling and spending time with their family.

  • Karrin Taylor

    Karrin Taylor

    Board Member

    Karrin Taylor is Executive Vice President for DMB Associates and is responsible for ongoing land use entitlement matters and other value enhancing efforts for DMB communities and businesses. Taylor also provides oversight for the company’s governmental and political affairs efforts and economic development activities at the local, state and federal level. She has been a member of DMB’s entitlements team for 15 years. Under her leadership, the entitlements team has worked on public-private partnership agreements, negotiated GPLET agreements, CFDs and other complex development plans for projects around Arizona. She has been responsible for the successful entitlement of many of the company’s projects, including Eastmark, Verrado, Marley Park, Centerpoint, One Scottsdale and DC Ranch.

    Prior to joining DMB, Taylor was a Principal with the law firm of Biskind, Hunt & Taylor, P.L.C., where she practiced in the areas of land use, development and zoning law representing large landowners (including DMB) on significant and complex land use cases.

    Taylor has served on several boards and commissions, including: Foundation for Environmental and Economic Progress (FEEP), where she was President of the Board; State Bar of Arizona – U.S. District Court for Arizona; Maricopa County Bar Association; Maricopa Association of Governments (Transportation Policy Committee); Arizona State Land Department (Conservation Advisory Committee); U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Corporate Leadership Advisory Council); Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series; Phoenix Suns Charities; Luke Air Force Base, where she was Honorary Wing Commander; U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command (Commander’s Group); U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff (Civic Leaders Group) in Washington, DC; Greater Phoenix Economic Council Executive Committee; Valley Partnership, where she was Chairman of the Board; Great Hearts Preparatory Academies; Veritas Preparatory Academy, where she was Co-Chair of its capital campaign; Arizona Aerospace Institute; Maricopa County Parks and Trail Foundation; Joe Foss Institute; and Xavier College Preparatory Academy (Board of Trustees). Taylor received a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Arizona State University, as well as a Juris Doctorate from ASU’s College of Law.

  • elecia

    Elicia Nademin


    Since completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., Elicia has worked with clientele of diverse backgrounds in a multitude of practice settings, from private and community mental health to correctional and hospital sites. She completed her internship and focused training in weight loss services at Temple University Hospital before moving to Arizona in 2007. From 2007-2009, she worked among faculty of Argosy and Midwestern University (MWU) Clinical Psychology doctoral programs and helped to establish the Psychology clinic at MWU multidisciplinary clinic.
    Currently, she works as Home-Based Primary Care Psychologist for the Phoenix VA and maintains a part-time private practice, where she offers weight loss services and psychotherapy in English, Farsi, and Spanish. Elicia also serves as the Diversity Representative to the Arizona Psychological Association. As a member of the Professional Advisory Committee for notMYkid, she cultivates her interests in advocating for youth and less advantaged members of our communities.

  • ingrid

    Ingrid Sutton

    LCSW, MA

    Ingrid is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona providing individual, couples, and family therapy services. As a graduate of Loyola University School of Social Work, she specializes in the clinical treatment of anxiety and mood-related disorders in children and adults. Prior to opening her private practice in Scottsdale, Ingrid ran a school-based aftercare program for high school students transitioning from psychiatric, substance abuse, and residential treatment programs and provided clinical on-site support to students and their families as they returned to their public high school following treatment.
    She also facilitates adolescent, parent, and adult psychotherapy groups as an adjunct to her clinical private practice. Additionally, Ingrid is a professional contributor to the KVTK Channel 3 News organization in Phoenix, Arizona and on ABC’s nationally syndicated television news show “The List ” on topics related to children and families.

  • Larry Waldman

    Larry Waldman


    Larry is a licensed clinical, forensic psychologist and certified school psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona. He has conducted a successful private practice for the past 35 years consulting with attorneys and working with children, teens, parents, couples, and adults. He was the past president of the Maricopa Psychological Society; consulted to Charter Psychiatric Hospital of Glendale from 1988 to 2000; has been a Medical Consultant for the Social Security Administration for 22 years; and is an adjunct graduate professor in the Educational Psychology Department for Northern Arizona University for 15 years. He has served on the professional board of directors of notMYkid for the past five years because he believes the service provided to the community is very important.

    Larry is a trained public speaker and for the past 25 years has spoken across the country to educators, laypersons, corporations, and fellow mental health professionals, presenting at several state and national conventions.

  • ChrisPAC

    Chris Hallgren

    Chris brings over 18+ years of professional experience in the information technology field in computer forensics, programming, web design, database, and reporting/deployment. As principal consultant to Oracle and consultant to InPower and Tesseract, Chris supported and managed human resource and payroll function software applications and development. Chris currently serves as the President of Helios Data Forensics, a company that offers computer forensic and e-discovery services to business and the civil legal environment. He is also the Director of Information Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility for International Police Training and Consulting Services (IPTACS), a company that provides sustainable law enforcement training to developing countries and new democracies throughout the world. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Systems from Arizona State University and Masters of Business Administration with specialization in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

  • ginaFrohlich

    Gina Frohlich


    Gina Frohlich is a doctoral student at the Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University/Phoenix. Her professional training has afforded her the opportunity to gain experience with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. Over the last four years, her primary training has evolved around adolescence, substance abuse, and holistic wellness. In addition, she is a certified consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and works with high school athletes and students on performance strategies in athletics and in school. She is currently working towards certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis through the Florida Institute of Technology.
    Since receiving her Masters in Clinical Psychology, Gina has taught Psychology courses at Glendale Community College, Paradise Valley Community College, and Grand Canyon University. She remains a member of the American Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychological Association. This year, Gina will be completing her pre-doctoral internship as part of the Arizona Psychological Association at West Valley Family Development Center. She became affiliated with notMYkid in 2011, when she served as the Wellness Coordinator.

  • libby

    Libby Howell

    Ed.D., LMFT, SEP

    Libby is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Tempe where she specializes in working appreciatively and collaboratively with adolescents, couples, and families. In addition, she conducts groups for women, works with eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders and bipolar clients. Libby has over twenty years of experience in integrating mental and physical health, with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and meditative methods. She supervises graduate and post-doctoral students, and is currently on the Clinical Psychology faculty at Arizona State University for clinical training of students.

    Libby received her M.Ed. in counseling psychology, and her Ed.D. in Sport Psychology from Columbia University. She completed post-doctoral training at Erickson Institute, and the Post-Graduate Institute for Family Therapy in Phoenix. She is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in trauma training. As an active member of her professional community, she was president of the Arizona Psychology Association in 2009, served for 6 years on the Arizona Board of Behavioral Examiner, Credentialing Committee for Marriage and Family Therapists, and is currently Member Chair for AZPA. She is committed to working with Human Rights International (Doctors of the World) to provide psychological services to refugees.

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